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About Olympia Park School

Olympia Park School is designed to give each LSEM learner prevocational, academically and socially an opportunity to succeed and most of all to become inclusive citizens. Olympia Park School celebrates each year its success “story” which then is an opportunity to re-commit to the bright future of Olympia Park School, constantly (yearly) revisiting the traditions and finding meaningful ways in which to uphold these traditions and include modern trends in education.

Services Olympia Park School has to Offer:

Olympia Park School Has its own:

Facilities that Olympia Park has to offer:

Learners’ talents are developed under the guidance of experienced Educators and professional coaches. Olympia Park School encourages learners to be competitive and to have their share of winning, but Olympia Park School will always emphasize winning in the correct perspective, so that sportsmanship,  participation and enjoyment of sport is not sacrificed in the pursuit of success.

South African Provincial Colours:

More than five learners have obtained Springbok Colours for:



Angling (Deep Sea)

More than fifty learners obtained SA Colours.

We are also proud to announce that we are the Gauteng winners in Chess and the learners obtained full Provincial Colours.