Olympia Park School

Programmes followed at Olympia Park School:

- Academically: Endorsed CAPS, GET & FET

CAPS means exams, projects, individual work, research and a very specific work tempo. The learning areas are: Languages, Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Social Science, Arts and Culture, (GET) Language, LO, CAT, EGD, Tourism and Mechanical Technology (FET).

- Technology

Technical Drawing and Technology - Graphic & Design, Welding, Plumbing, Woodwork, Building, Motor repair work, Hairdressing, Home Economics and Compu-typing and CAT.

- School Enrichment Programmes

There is a vast variety of enrichment programmes and activities to choose from. If the learner has any medical conditions, it should be supported by a doctor’s note explaining his / her medical condition.

- Sporting Codes offered at Olympia Park School

Athletics, Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Netball, Cross - Country, Swimming, Juksei and Chess.

- Culture

Segarona, FETSO, Art competitions and Crafters markets, Chess, Drama, Art, Choir, etc.

- Socially

Your child will be meeting learners from other areas and will be establishing relationships with not only his / her peers group but with other young and older learners. Your child must learn to adjust to a system of rules, conditions, code of conduct and seniority.

Social Skills and Development Includes:

- Your child vs the Curriculum

- Entrepreneurship

- Self Actualisation

- Health and Fitness / Sport

- Scholarship and Bursaries

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